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Next of Kin Hierarchy

In order to qualify as next of kin in this situation, a person must be over 18 years old. The relationships listed below usually apply to biological, adoptive, half-, and step-relations equally.

•Spouse/domestic partner




•Authorized guardian



•Nieces and nephews

•Grand-nieces and grand-nephews


•Aunts and uncles

•First cousins

•Great-grandchildren of Grandparents

•Second cousins

•Fiduciary (a legally appointed trustee) 

In some states, a close friend who is familiar with the deceased’s wishes may qualify as next of kin if no one on the above list is available or able. 

Ex-Parte Orders:

Are there any Social Security Death Benefits to help cover the cost of a funeral?

There is a $255 lump sum Social Security death benefit that those who qualify can claim. This one-off payment of $255 is made to a surviving spouse or child. Monthly benefits may be available if one meets eligibility requirements. You can contact Social Security on 1-800-772-1213

Do Veteran’s receive benefits to assist with funeral costs?

A veteran is entitled to free burial in a national cemetery. This includes gravesite, opening and closing of the grave and perpetual care for an honorably discharged veteran, spouse, or dependent child and a free headstone or grave marker.

Contact the Veteran’s Affairs Office on 1-800-827-1000 for more information.

22750 Hawthorne Blvd. # 230
| Torrance, CA 90505
Tel: (424) 383 1990
| Fax: (424) 275 9820



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