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A funeral director is not required for the burial of cremated remains at sea. However, full body burials require specific preparation to ensure the body or coffin sinks quickly. And in many states a licensed funeral director is required. The Environmental Protection Agency regulations for full body burials at sea in the United States require that the site of interment be 3 nautical miles (5.6 km; 3.5 mi) from land and at a depth of at least 600 feet (180 m). California prohibits whole body burial within its state-asserted three-mile limit. Off the eastern coast of the United States, the closest sufficient depths are off Long Island (75 miles/121 km), Ocracoke (20 miles/32 km), and Miami (5 miles/8.0 km). This may require travel more than 30 miles (48 km) for a suitable site.

Departing from the New England Area only requires a voyage of appx 45 miles to sea to reach the required 600' ocean depth. Sufficient depth is within 10 miles or less at many harbors along the U.S. west coast, including San Diego, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Fort Bragg, Eureka, and Crescent City, all in California. The United States Navy inters intact remains from Norfolk and San Diego only. The United States Navy requires a metal casket for intact remains, but full body burial in a suitably weighted shroud is also seen as legal.

The United States is like many countries which permit the spreading of cremation ashes within their Exclusive Economic zone - when spreading ashes from a ship which is registered in a different country, the regulations and reporting procedures for the ships flag state need to be complied with once the vessel is in international waters, that is, outside 12 nautical miles. Ships follow the London convention principles, as opposed to MARPOL regulations, as the ash is intentionally taken on board for discharge at sea, as opposed to ash generated on passage from the ship's incinerators. It should be further considered that on 1 January 2013, MARPOL Annex V came into force, which prevents discharge of a ship's incinerator ash.

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Argos Funeral Services is California’s Premiere provider of Full Body Burials at Sea.

  • We Service the Entire Pacific Coast of California.
  • We are Eco- Friendly to the Earth's environment.
  • Ocean Burial is an alternative to other methods of traditional burials.
  •  Argos Funeral Services is very cost effective, and competitively priced.

  • 100% BIODEGRADABLE ocean Shroud-  Made of 100% Cotton – canvas
  • Lake Pebbles are used for Ballast weight. 160 lbs Minimum.
  • We Service Veterans from the following: Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, US Coast Guard.
  • Military Honor Guard and US Flag provided at time of service for those qualified with Honorable Discharge and DD214.
  • US State & Local Government.
  • EPA Filing.
  • We  Service the Entire General Public throughout The World who wish to be buried in the sea off  the Pacific Coast of California, USA.
  • Only one (1)  USCG certified Vessel is required. Passenger capacity from 6 to 700.
  • Unattended Full Body Burials at Sea is offered.
  • Argos Funeral Services is an All in One Maritime and Funeral Home Planner.
  • Argos Funeral Services will coordinate with your Local Coastal Funeral Home to carry out the scheduled Burial at Sea.
  •  Vessel Charter Coordinator on Staff to help choose the right Vessel and Coastal Port.
  • 4-5 Hours for Full Body Burial at Sea Service. Departure from port is early AM.
  •  A Full Body Burial at Sea Certificate with Burial Coordiantes will be given to the Family.

  • 5 years of Trusted Experience. Understanding of EPA and USCG rules, laws and regulations, as they relate to Burials at sea.
  • Flexible Pricing  based on Coastal Location of services.
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