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  Full Body Burial at Sea Service areas: for Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego County Ports

 Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Mateo,

Marin San Francisco County Ports, Fort Bragg, Eureka.

We are your WEST COAST, Full Body Burials at Sea provider!

Full Body Sea Burials are becoming more popular! 

***We will quote prices based on your type of service and location. ***

We use only ONE Vessel! 

We offer an eco-friendly and affordable way to bury your loved one.

Full Body Burials at Sea are considerably less expensive than a traditional funeral and are considered Environmentally Friendly.

A burial at sea is not only an option for former sailors or Naval personnel, but an option available to everybody.

Our natural burial Full Body Burial at Sea is a way of caring for the dead with minimal environmental impact that aids in the conservation of natural resources.

Our Full Body Burial at Sea necessitates the use of non-toxic and biodegradable materials.

Traditional Burials are becoming very expensive and use a large footprint of our environment to bury a loved one.

Metal caskets, concrete vaults, and embalmed bodies are not conducive to the earth’s environment.

There are alternative methods to bury your loved one without the expense and potential damage to the environment.

The environmental impact of death is a growing concern for funeral consumers, and rightly so.

Traditional burial in the U.S. has come to encompass a wide variety of obstructive, unnecessary, invasive, and expensive services and products, such as embalming, tombstones, lacquered caskets, and heavily manicured grave sites.

Society is approaching a paradigm shift in dealing with human body disposal.

A burial is considered natural when the body receives no embalming treatment and is buried in a biodegradable container/shroud.

All vessels used by Argos at Sea are USCG certified for safety.

Contact one of our staff to discuss the process, overall costs, cancellation policy terms and conditions.

You can also Pre-Fund your Full Body Burials at Sea with us.

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 Argos Cremations & Burials is California’s Premiere provider of Full Body Burials at Sea. 

  • We are an All in One Maritime and Funeral Home Planner. 
  • We will coordinate with your Local Coastal Funeral Home to carry out the scheduled Burial at Sea.
  • We Service the Entire Pacific Coast of California. 
  •  Over 12 years of Trusted Experience. 
  • We are Eco- Friendly to the Earth's environment. Ocean Burial is an alternative to other methods of traditional burials.
  •  We are very cost-effective, and competitively priced. 
  • 100% BIODEGRADABLE custom Sea Burial Shroud, Pebble stones are used for Ballast weight. 160 lbs. Minimum. 
  • We Service Veterans from the following: Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, US Coast Guard. Military Honor Guard and US Flag provided at time of service for those qualified with Honorable Discharge and DD214.
  • Military Honors will be provided if possible. 
  • A US flag will be provided. (If veteran)
  • A valid DD 214 Honorable Discharge document must be presented to us for compliance with military regulations. 
  • US State & Local Government. EPA Filing. 
  • We Service the Entire General Public throughout The World who wish to be buried in the sea off the Pacific Coast of California, USA. 
  • Only one (1) USCG certified Vessel is required. 
  • Passenger capacity is from 6 to 700. * Price may vary for larger capacity than 15.
  • Vessel Charter Coordinator on Staff to help choose the right Vessel and Coastal Port.
  •  Up to 4 Hours for Full Body Burial at Sea Service. Note: Actual time may vary depending on weather, special requests, and Sailboats, 
  • Departure from port is early AM (8AM) or PM (4PM)
  • Flowers, and Order of Service, Officiant and any special requests can be accommodated.
  • A Full Body Burial at Sea Certificate with Burial Coordinates is available at no cost
  • Understanding of EPA and USCG rules, laws and regulations, as they relate to Burials at sea. 
  • Flexible Pricing based on Coastal Location of services. 
  • Unattended Full Body Burials at Sea is offered.

Military & Civilians Full Body Burials at Sea Family Attending Starting at $6,130.00** 

Unattended Starting at $6,130.00** The boat cost would be much less because of no family. Only staff and boat crew will attend.

* Pricing is flexible*


A Service of this type includes our Basic Service Fee, Transportation**, Handling of Deceased, Shrouding of Deceased, Sea Burial Shroud, (1) Death Certificate, (1) Burial Permit, 160 + lbs. Pebble Stone Weights, (2) Two Funeral Staff Members, Service Vehicle to Vessel in a Harbor Port, (California Coast), additional mileage, may apply if outside service area*, Port fees included, Full Body Burial at Sea Certificate and flowers.

 Administration Fee: Coordination with Vessel Crew, EPA, US Coast Guard, Military Honor Guard, Flag, Vessel Insurance, and any other processing charges and administration of services not listed. ** Note: actual net price will be determined after services have been planned and calculated.

Not included: Vessel for hire estimate $1000 to $5000, # holding facility

Typical travel 3-14 miles out/ Up to 4 hours round trip, a Fully Insured Vessel/Captain/Crew (prices may vary for capacity over 15 people). Sales tax included, Disposition Burial Permit, Death Certificate included. Note: Actual time may vary depending on weather, Sailboats and special requests, Water burial depth 600' to over 2000'. 

Military Honors will be provided if possible. A US flag will be provided. A valid DD214 Honorable Discharge document must be presented to us for compliance with military regulations.

  • Going on a vessel is a weather dependent activity and weather is unpredictable, which means that it may be a risky activity. However, all our Captains are US Coast Guard licensed and vessels meet or exceed US Coast Guard requirements.
  • A deposit of 50% is required prior to scheduled service. We reserve the right to cancel charters due to mechanical problems on the vessel or adverse weather conditions. Day of sailing 25% refundable, within three days of sailing 35% of deposit is refundable. If the charter has commenced and poor weather eventually rolls in, a mutually acceptable pro-rated cost adjustment share of the total fee will be charged, with a minimum fee of $350.

Contact one of our staff to discuss the process, overall costs, cancellation policy terms and conditions.

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